Who is Micky?

Micky is an avatar, but:

I find it amazing how deep you can dive into a virtual world, how much of your personality you can put into your avatar, how much you can allow to let virtual encounters affect your real emotions. You can fall in love with people you never met, you can create your dreams, your worlds within a world.

Micky has been roaming Second Life for over eight years now, meeting all kinds of people, doing all kinds of things. And despite the occasional drama he is still fascinated by the amazing creativity and idealism of the people in SL and will continue his journey through cyberspace.

During my time on the grid my avatar has become an extension of my real life being. I find that the real me and my avatar many times merge into one. My personality doesn’t vanish when I log on, nor do I leave my manners behind. My values, standards, principles, beliefs, morals, etc. are the same, and I apply them no matter which world I am in.