The Catalpa

There’s a tree growing in our yard, it’s a catalpa. Every year when winter is coming the gardener cuts it back so that only some strong branches and the trunk are left. When we moved in here some years ago in the end of October I thought “OMG, why are they doing this to that awesome tree?”

When next spring came, the first leaves started to appear on the tree. As the weather got warmer it was like a leave explosion happening to that catalpa. Within a couple of days the leaves were as big as a hand. You could literally watch them grow. In June the whole tree was covered with leaves and they kept growing. The branches started to reach out, covering the whole yard and building sort of a roof to the outdoor staircase.

People walking by keep coming into our backyard, admiring that tree, asking what type of tree it is. I had never seen a tree like that before either. By september the leaves are reaching a size of up to half a meter, and that tree is a pure symbol of strength and power. It is as if it wants to tell us “You can cut me back all you want, as long as I am rooted firmly in the ground, I will grow back and stand even taller next year!” This tree amazes me and it keeps reminding me that no matter how much life is trying to mutilate you, you can grow back and be stronger than ever. This tree is my reminder that life always finds a way, that life goes on. I love this tree.