Torn between …

Hiking @ North

That feeling of being torn between the different parts of your self. You want to be in company and at the same time you want to be all by yourself. You crave to see the people you care for and at the same time they are too much somehow. You jump back and forth between “alright I can do that” and “ah fuck this!” constantly.

Bildergebnis für mind vs heart

Your heart and your mind seem to be in a constant battle. Your pride throws in a few words, followed by your ego. Your loveable side is whispering in one ear, while your assholish side tries to be heard in your other ear. You remember the story of the two wolves, which one are you going to feed?

Bildergebnis für the two wolves story

emotions on offYou wish there was an On/Off Button for your feelings somewhere. You try to remember how those moments of inner peace felt. But your mind is playing tricks on you. It keeps bringing up exactly those pictures that you don’t want to see at all – in bright colorful CinemaScope of course. You turn on the radio and of course they play that song that totally goes along with your mood and your mindfuck. And you wallow in all your could haves, should haves, would haves …


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